Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Mail/Telegraph on the Swansea Crocodile

It also got into the Daily Mail:

Hunt launched after dog walker spots 3ft-long crocodile

But professor of natural history, Paul Brain, said it was possible for it to survive in the colder British climate.

He said: "The crocodile would simply slow down or even shut down for a while during cold weather then spring back to life when the water gets warmer.

"There are a lot of exotic pets out there and this could be one which outgrew its tank and the lake may have been a suitable place to dump it."

A spokesman for Swansea Police said: "We have visited the lake several times and not seen anything - but we are not ruling it out."

A few extra details there.

Meanwhile in the Daily Telegraph:

Crocodile spotted near Welsh supermarket, United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

I've only just heard about this story - a possible cryptid in Swansea. Fabulous news! I often catch the bus next to Pluck Lake, but I've not seen anything unusual. I presume it's safe for people to be in the area, with such a reptile possibly on the loose? I hope, if it's there, that no-one harms it. Even if it is potentially dangerous, it should be possible to humanely remove it and take it to a suitable new home. Good like with the croc-hunting!

Aklo Letters said...


I doubt it is dangerous too small. And it is prob too cold to trouble anyone,