Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pluck Lake - the area

Pluck Pond is found besides a busy road in Kilvey Community Woodland a designated nature reserve run by council and Forestry Commission. The Woodland incorporates a variety of habitats including woodland, heathland, wetland and meadow stretching up to the slopes of Kilvey Hill a noted landmark at the west end of Swansea.

Pluck Pond is known as a refuge for some insectlife such as blue-tailed damselfly and the emperor dragonfly. As to its larger inhabitants the Council website for local anglers said of the Pluck Pond:
"extremely weedy... It's rarely fished but has some big bream, tench & eels for those looking to put some work in. Quite frankly no one knows what's in there!"

So whatever lurked in the pond would have something to eat.

It is also close to the new Liberty Stadium in Morfa and is on the fringe of the Enterprise Park and directly opposite the Morrison's superstore.

Google map of location:

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