Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Evening Post reports on Expedition

I appealed to the Swansea Evening Post for help. It got a little bit distorted in the telling I am not really a "Crocodile Expert" though I have been advised by one Richard Freeman.

Crocodile expert investigates sighting
South Wales Evening Post,

The main thing is we should get some more reports in I hope. Then we can work out what it is.

Its raining in Swansea temp around 7 degrees the prospects for a Caiman being about are limited. Caiman's are mostly noctural especially Dwarf Caimans.

Is it going to move enough at night when it is this cold is it worth while doing a nocturnal hunt today ? Of course if it is a fish then it might be pointless looking at night as i will be difficult to spot anything.

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