Friday, May 2, 2008

Latest and More media coverage

Swarms of croc hunters were at the lake yesterday. I have heard from someone who was there but no new signs have been found as far as I know.

If the Caiman has died in the water it will float belly up. It may be in undergrowth somewhere.

From BBC News: Another interview with Steve.
Stephen Jenkins, from Pontrhydyfen, said: "I was walking my dog and me being a
fisherman and being nosy near water - I was having a look and I could see
something moving in the water.
"I thought at first it was a fish or
something or a log - but there was no wind or anything.
"But I could see the
ripples coming off this. I had a closer look and it was about four metres from
Mr Jenkins said: "I could see the legs and the nose and the tail and
"It just swam down into the deep end, it's eyes were just on top
of the water as it was moving the eyes were coming towards me."

Couple more brief news bits.
Unlikely crocodile hunt in WalesMetro, A crocodile hunt was launched in Wales yesterday after one 'was seen in a pond'. The 1m (3ft) beast was spotted by Steve Jenkins.

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