Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welsh shock - What a croc! in today's The Sun

Welsh shock - What a croc! The Sun

Steve Jenkins ... croc spotter

Steve Jenkins ... croc spotter

FEROCIOUS crocodile is thought to be at large in a murky lake — in WALES.

Startled Steve Jenkins, 38, is convinced he spotted the 3ft-long beast as he walked his dog alongside the water.

'You sure it wasn't a dragon, boyo' ... locals tease

He told cops he saw the croc lurking in the shallows of the rubbish-strewn lake by a Morrisons store in Swansea — but couldn’t get a snap.

I did not say it could be 10 foot long!!! I said it could reach 7 feet and this one was 3 foot long.

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